Random Access Memories Review


I have been a Daft Punk fan for many many years.  I’m not going to lie and say I like this new album. It deviates so far from their previous materials and my expectation as well. It’s definitely a lot more jazz and vocals based.That said, I enjoyed “Get Lucky”, “Give Life Back to Music” and “Lose Yourself to Dance.”

The rest of the album I just could not sit and listen through. I respect them as artists, I have the utmost respect for them as the iconic Daft freakin’ Punk and I respect an artist’s right to evolve and create whatever they please and what the love.

So for now, as an old fan, I’ll just return to their older EDM albums (mainly Alive 2007 and Homework). Perhaps their new album can reach out to a different fan base. But for now, it’s not for me.


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