Yeezus Review


Yeezus is the darkest, most extreme music Kanye has ever cooked up, an extravagantly abrasive album full of grinding electro, pummeling minimalist hip-hop, drone-y wooz and industrial gear-grind and his the only rapper that would be able to pull this off. But is it any good?

When it comes to Kanye West I have to separate the public persona from the musician. Almost everything he says and does irritates me, his ego is out of control but he normally backs it up with amazing music. I can’t help but respect the musician, especially after his first three albums, along with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which is his masterpiece.

I’ll give Kanye credit: He makes me examine my responses to his music far more than any other rapper. In Yeezus he is definitely being experimental and that is something I am always interested in but this album just didn’t click with me.

The first time I listened to this, I thought that it was a mess and very rushed. I have listened to it a few more times and although some of the songs have grown on me, I still can’t help but feel like it was very overproduced at times.The whole album just feels clobbered together.

I had high hopes for the project with Rick Rubin at the helm but it is an overall disappointment no matter which way you look at it. Rubin said he felt the material needed months more of recording to perfect it when he heard it three weeks ago. That’s the problem with the record it’s rushed and could’ve been much more spectacular if he pushed it back. This album goes down as one of my least favourite Kanye West albums along with 808 & Heartbreaks. 6/10.


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