Dexter S8/E1 “A Beautiful Day” Review


Everyone’s favourite serial killer is back for its final season and I’ve decided to do episode-by-episode weekly reviews for it.

In my opinion Dexter should of ended years ago but Showtime decided to milk the show for all its worth and drag out it for as long as possible. Now they’ve finally decided to end this once great show.

Dexter peaked during its fourth season and has been steadily going downhill ever since. I almost rage quit the show during season 6; the show was finished, I said, and I vowed to stop watching. But couldn’t after the game changing moment during the finale in which Deb, finally discovered the horrible truth about her brother, gave me hope going into season 7 and after a strong start it quickly become just another mediocre season but it manage to pull off another trick in the finale: Deb shot and killed her boss, Capt. Maria LaGuerta, who was about to arrest Dexter.


So Things pick up six months after the events of season 7, and I can’t help but feel let down by the time skip. Feels like a cop out to me. All the interesting drama that would come from of the immediate aftermath of the shooting was just swept under the rug.

We find Dexter and Deb dealing with LaGuerta’s murder very differently. All seems well in Dexter’s world but things couldn’t be more different for Deb. She has retreated to an undercover gig where she’s snorting cocaine and having sex with those she’s supposedly trying to arrest. It’s a reaction to the death of LaGuerta, and a typically self-destructive one from Debra.

This plotline was marginally corny, with Dexter coming to save her, only to discover that their roles are effectively reversed. The acting was great here from both parties. Especially strong was the scene where Debs outlines to him where Dexter really is in the greater pictures, and the depths of her own personal despair.

I still would have liked to see her in the days following the murder of LaGuerta, but that’s gone. But I appreciate her not wanting anything to do with Dexter. Now, when it comes to their relationship, it’s “I wake up every day thinking of every bad decision I made because of you.”

But Dexter can’t stay away from her. Things get more urgent when he discovered that she might be putting herself in harm’s way with the El Sapo guy, but the whole end reveal, where Dexter discovered that it was he who needed her was pretty great. This puts Dexter on edge; snapping both at Harrison and a driver who cut him off (who he might have of killed if it weren’t for the kid in the backseat). Although not everything here worked, this is the endgame and I commend “A Beautiful Day” for not being a typical Dexter episode.

The new serial killer is really background element at this point, though one that brings with it the intriguing character of Dr. Evelyn Vogel. We don’t know much about her. She knows about “Harry’s Code,” but does she also know how many times Dexter, over the years, has broken it? Either by accident or on purpose? I have lot of questions about her. Hopefully to be answered soon. 7.5/10

Stray Thoughts:

  • Is it just me or did Harrison grow up really fast in six months?
  • LaGuerta gets a memorial bench… Really a bench?
  • Miami Metro round-up: Batista is the lieutenant now, Quinn is banging Batista’s little sister. Masuka. That’s about it for now.
  • Deb’s password is ‘fuckingpassword’.
  • Dexter: ‘The bench is very sturdy.’ Line of the episode.

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