Dexter S8/E2 “Every Silver Lining…” Review

ImageThis episode improves on the premiere, getting right into Vogel past and how she’s connected to Dexter, not making us wait for answers.

The episode began with Dexter watching a conversation between Vogel and a visibly disturbed and discomfited Harry. Harry is describing a 10-year-old Dexter’s fascination with blood after Harry caved in and took his son to a murder scene.

We learn that Vogel helped shape Dexter into the vigilante killer he is. “I developed a framework for your survival,” as she put it. Vogel mentioned to Dexter that Harry, needing someone to confide in, went to her because she didn’t judge, or see things in black and white. And the more she then spoke to Dexter about her theories and practices (and her belief that societies’ psychos weren’t mistakes) the more it seems like she might be a bit of a sociopath herself.

I didn’t care much for the Deb subplot, which by the standards of the show seemed sloppy to me. Debra goes alone (doh!) to the Biggs lockup where the jewels are stashed and gets mugged by El Sapo. He’s such a nice murderer though, that he refuses to kill her because he wasn’t paid to do it. That seemed laughable, because now she can connect him with stolen goods; you’d assume he’d shoot her dead.

Looks like she went a little apeshit in retaliation by shooting Sapo at the wheel. And she got her own blood on a piece of glass in Sapo’s car. Miami Metro is investigating the crime, Dexter saves her from any further unraveling. When the two Morgan’s are outside of the station, Dexter sees how unraveled his sis has become making an idle threat to him that if she goes down it will be nothing to compared to the demise of a criminal like Dexter.

Even with some of the faults, and the lack of a episode-encompassing narrative, this was still one of the most interesting episodes of Dexter for a while. They’ve got my attention now, so let’s hope they do something useful with it. 8/10


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