Dexter S8/E3 ”What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” Review

Episode 803

The episode title asks us ‘What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?’  The simple answer is Debra. Her downward spiral has been one of the main focal points so far this season.

This was a weird episode for me; on one hand I got everything I wanted: More of Dexter and Vogel, more interaction between Vogel and Deb. The use Vogel to bring up discussions of Deb’s relevance to Dexter is a great  move and it’s only a matter of time before Vogel inserts herself  into Dexter and Deb’s tension.

But parts of this episode just seemed dull and played out… I really don’t care for all the supporting character filler. I don’t see why this is even needed in the final season. The less time we spend watching the troubles in the Batista home regarding Quinn’s dedication to Deb and apparent lack of dedication to becoming sergeant. Do. Not. Care.

Anyway, Dexter is continuing to help Vogel track down the as yet to be seen Brain Surgeon, a suspected former patient. While I think Vogel will turn out to be the true Big Bad of the season and having possibly instigated The Surgeon’s recent activities as a way to experiment on her former patients including Dexter.

We finally see Dexter return to the kill room, making it the first time in the season. I won’t spend to long on this because the writers didn’t seem too either. Brian Galuzzo is one of the psychopaths on Evelyn’s patient list, who works at a fitness kiosk in a shopping mall during the day, and cooks up people by night and now his dead.

Deb, continues to drinks herself away, pulling Quinn into her web of self-destruction and eventually trying to admit her involvement in LaGuerta’s murder. I loved Jennifer Carpenter’s performance when she stumbles into the police station and tries to confess.

What I had a problem with was Quinn. The but the way he shrugged off Deb’s comments and then assumed that she’d fainted because Dexter said she did really annoyed me. But this is not unrealistic for his character… Quinn’s an idiot, and no one on this show ever listens to information that would implicate Dexter… 6.5/10

Stray Thoughts:

  • What’s up with Elway’s obsession with nutritional drinks and electrolytes and stuff?
  • The voiceover continued to be painful. “Galuzzo isn’t killing people to threaten Vogel. Because he’s eating them. Which means he would want to keep the brain so he could eat it. Because he eats people. Garlic sauce.”
  • Line of the episode: “All this talk about loving Debra and trying to help her… You’re like Michelangelo trying to play the banjo.”

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