Dexter S8/E4 ‘Scar Tissue’ Review

Episode 804“Scar Tissue” began with Deb flashing back to the night she killed LaGuerta. Expect this was not a flashback at all; it was a what-if scenario. This time, Deb doesn’t let her feelings for her brother get in the way of her judgment; she still pulled the trigger… Killing Dexter instead. 

The writers fast-forward us almost a week later from last weeks episode; getting right into Vogel’s therapy sessions with Deb. Vogel wound up truly trying to help Deb by convincing her that if she shot Dexter instead of LaGuerta evertything would have been just as horrible. The scenes with Vogel/Deb/Dexter continue to be the strong points of the season but I can’t help but feel the story needs to move along a bit. This being the last season and all.

Dexter continues to track down Vogels former patients. This week his after AJ Yates, a cable installer with a brain-surgery scar. After discovering Vogel’s notes about him on AJ’s computer, in which Vogel suggested Dexter’s love for Deb is just self-delusion, Dexter confronts her and declares that once AJ is finished, so are they. Now to the big talking point of the week…


After Vogel reveals to Deb that Harry killed himself. Deb sees herself stuck in the same position that Harry had did, a place where love for Dexter resulted in some very bad choices. And while Harry let go by killing himself, Deb figures the least she can do is take Dexter with her.

I’m glad the writers didn’t end the episode with the crash. We know its the final season but they were never going to kill either of their main characters in the fourth episode. Dexter was never in any real danger. Having ended with that cliffhanger would of been cheap and annoying. Aside from a few pacing issues I had, this was a pretty solid episode 7/10.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Quinn passed the Sergeant’s exam and then immediately got into a bar fight… blah blah blah.
  • Jamie  likes the rough stuff?
  •  I’m hoping, that AJ Yates isn’t the the Brain Surgeon because it felt quite anti-climactic.
  • Oh and they finally gave Masuka something to do this season… He has a long-lost daughter!! Seriously?? Why??

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