Only God Forgives Review


Only God Forgives brings Ryan Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn together again for their second collaboration. Their first movie Drive got a mixed reaction from audiences but was well received by critics. I for one really enjoyed Drive and was curious to see what their second outing would bring us.

The story involves Julian (Ryan Gosling) as the leader of an America crime family set up in Bangkok. Julian declines to take revenge when vigilantes kill his brother as punishment for murdering a child prostitute. This prompts the arrival of Gosling’s vile crime boss mother, played by Kristen Scott Thomas, who shows up to exact the vengeance her son won’t.

I was really let down by this film. Its slow pace; feels like a lazy attempt to stretch a 30-page script into a feature-length film. I don’t think there was hardly a single sentence of realistic dialogue in the entire film; when people do speak, it’s so slow and just plain boring.

It’s a shame that a great actor like Gosling doesn’t have much to do here. We mostly just look at him. He barely says a word. The majority of his scenes; he basically just turns and stares off camera, silently and stoically. At least he’s nice to look at.

This Film fails in almost every way that Drive succeeded – except in the area of visuals. It’s a gorgeous film to stare at. That’s really the only positive comment I can make about Only God Forgives. 4/10


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