Dexter S8/E5 ‘This Little Piggy’ Review

After last weeks ending I was expecting more of an aftermath. Instead we got a weird opening ten minutes where we get a silly scene in which Vogel sits them both down to talk things out. The dialogue was laughable at best. 

But it wasn’t all bad. Vogel got kidnapped by Yates; their scenes together saved this episode from being all the way terrible. It was nice to see a more human side to her character.  I did have an issue with what came after Dex and Deb tracked her down. More on that later.

This episode spent too much time on plots that no one cares about (I will complain about this every week.) When did the female detective (black lady cop) become an important part of this cast? And now she’s in competition with Quinn for the sergeants position. I don’t care about Masuka and his daughter! They wasted way too much screen on them…


Now back to the matter at had; Vogel is rescued, Dex kills Yates with a curtain rod (nice!), Deb is all smiles afterward, and the three of them head off together to toss the body into the ocean like one big happy family. Cringe.

So Yates is actually the Brain Surgeon? This didn’t sit well with me. It felt so shallow. All that build up for just a mini arc killer? If there isn’t anything more to the Surgeon story than this, I’ll be very disappointed. 6/10.

Stray thoughts:

  • I’m still waiting for Elway to be revealed as some sort of bad guy but he’ll probably just end up banging deb and live happily ever after.
  • The same thing goes for ‘Cassie from 4B’ hmm.
  • Who do you want to get the sergeant position? Quinn or Miller? No, really I need to know.

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