Dexter S8/E6 “A Little Reflection” Review

ep6promo1For the most part “A Little Reflection” was a pretty underwhelming episode. We’re half way into the final season and this is not where I expected to be. This episode had a season premiere feel to it; setting up two new story arcs…

Hannah’s back! Her appearing in the last ten seconds of the episode, turned this boring episode into a slightly more interesting one. I liked the reveal, and I don’t think they could have brought her back in a better way. I hope Hannah’s return brings some life back into this season and isn’t just a one off story arc.

The majority of this episode was devoted to Dexter trying to justify killing Zach Hamilton, despite Vogel urging him not to in the belief he can be trained in the ‘code’ just like Dexter was. Ultimately Dex decides to spare his life and take him on as an ‘intern’ to teach him about the ‘code’.

I’m still on the fence with this idea. I not a huge fan of his character so far but he was much more interesting this week than he was last, where came off as just a creepy rich kid and having Dex discover Zach wasn’t really hunting the woman he thought he was, but instead was going after his own father was a nice little twist.

I’ll holding off judgement of the Dexter/Zach story for now. It could still surprise me, and Hannah being back in the picture was great but still didn’t save this episode from being much of a bore for its first half. Hopefully this episode was just the bridge we needed to get us into the end game. 6/10.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Still don’t care about the subplots… so boring.
  • So Miller gets the sergeant promotion but she wasn’t even in the episode. Huh?
  • Dexter’s date with Cassie was terrible. She went from being a nice, accommodating person to being just plain annoying. What’s the point of her character again?
  • Oh yeah Elway has feelings for Deb, her love interests never end well, maybe this one will finally be the one that does.

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