Why You Need To Watch Breaking Bad


Warning: Full series spoilers!!!

When a great show comes to an end its always a bittersweet moment. On one hand you want your favorite show to continue as long as possible, you’re not ready to say bye to these rich characters, but on the other you know all good things come to an end and you’re happy the show has a final conclusion. Instead of being cancelled prematurely or staying on air for too long and become one of those shows that stick around for a few seasons too many (I’m looking at you Dexter!).

Having just re-watched the entire show in the past month to get ready for its final 8 episodes; it’s easy to say Breaking Bad will go down as one of the greatest shows of all time, if not the greatest! I gonna try and break down what exactly makes it so good.

The Visuals: No other show I’ve seen has places so much importance on the visuals as Breaking Bad has. There is no wasted frame; every Framing, colour choices, lighting, set decoration, soundtrack, editing and many other techniques are used to enhance the drama through visual stimulus.


Its Funny!: I actually forgot how funny this show can be at times, maybe its just my dark sense of humor but the dynamic between Jesse and Walter is some of the best buddy comedy around. The situations they find themselves, when they’re not desperate or stomach-churning, can be funny in a dark, tense sort of way. Saul Goodman is always funny as their sleazebag lawyer and of course Jesse’s one-liners. BITCH!

The Writing/Story: What Vince Gilligan has created is the perfect anti-hero story. He managed to do it well and keep it fresh, there’s something so much more addictive and real about the misadventures of Walter White that just hasn’t been done with many other famous anti-hero stories.

A terminally cancerous, underachieving chemistry teacher decides to start cooking crystal meth to pay for the cost of his own death, but eventually finds himself in remission and sitting on top as the apex predator of New Mexico’s drug community. Genius.

The Acting/Characters: The acting on Breaking Bad is simply amazing. The character development from Season 1 to the present is ridiculously good. Bryan Cranston plays Walter White with such subtlety. He has the ability to be a completely convincing goofball one moment, and then become Heisenberg the next; a almost sociopathic madman who’s willing to kill to preserve his life and his empire. It’s easy to see why his won 3 Emmy consecutive awards for Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman is far more complicated than he lets on, Paul has made us feel the weight of Jesse’s tragic destiny: He can’t escape “Mr. White’s” clutches, because on some level, he still believes his former teacher isn’t all bad. He has no idea how very wrong he is.

Our leads are also well-supported by a strong cast of major secondary characters. Anna Gunn, gives Walter’s wife, Skyler, plenty of depth and complexity. As Walt’s brother-in-law, Hank, Dean Norris plays a goofy, loud-mouthed with hidden depth. Norris crafts a far more complex character than I’d thought possible after the first few episodes.

So there you have it, have I convinced you? If I have, you won’t regret it, and can thank me later. For those of you who have already watched Breaking Bad and agree with me I leave you this amazing tribute video (contains spoilers for the whole show).


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