Dexter S8/E7 “Dress Code” Review

Episode 807Last weeks episode ended with Dex and Deb being drugged by Hannah. Leaving Dexter in the middle of no where, but what does she want? To get Dexter’s attention of course. As the episode unfolded we learn she wants Dexter to kill her new husband Miles.

He’s a yacht-owning control freak who Hannah cannot poison because she’ll be the number one suspect, especially because he knows about her past (he helped her get a new identity and she’s going by “Maggie” now).  Hannah ends up killing Miles when he talks about, basically, kidnapping her and never letting her off his yacht for the rest of her life. Dexter helps her clean up the mess and it’s maybe looking like Dexter’s lady love is back in his life.

Meanwhile, Dexter is also busy taking Zach under his wing as another kills-bad-people serial killer, teaching him the Code like Harry did for Dexter. Dexter needs to take it more seriously if it’s going to work out because Zach may have just killed Dexter’s neighbor Cassie in a fit of rage and frustration at not being able to find Dexter.

It’s getting harder and harder to continue to write about this season,I’m losing interest with each passing week. This episode just didn’t do anything for me. “Dress Code” felt short and while large events occurred, none of it was unpredictable or held very much impact for me. The dialogue was also awful. There was no tension or intelligent build up. 5/10


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