Breaking Bad S5/E10 “Buried” Review

Breaking Bad S05E10.mkv_snapshot_03.20_[2013.08.19_12.49.24]

Last week’s episode had me wondering what Walt and Hank’s next move would be; this week I’m left pondering what will happen with Jesse. He only appeared twice and had no lines in this episode but every time his name is mentioned, it’s a reminder that he’s out there, the one loose end that Walt has yet to tie up, his the piece that might allow everything to unravel.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the cliff-hanger ending but I am excited for Jesse and Hank’s first face-to-face since Hank beat the crap out of Jesse in the third season. The title for next week’s episode is, “Confessions”, it could refer to any number of things. Lots of the show’s characters have beans to spill, and it sounds like someone may be spilling them next week.

The episode also immediately pulled Skyler into it as Hank pieced together her knowledge of Walt’s actions given her behaviour from the previous seasons. Their scene together was great, Hank was just pushy enough to scare off Skyler and she was walking on just enough egg shells to be scared off. Skyler asked to lawyer up, which was a smart move on her part because in doing so, she protected herself and Walt.

Breaking Bad S05E10.mkv_snapshot_27.35_[2013.08.19_12.55.04]

Walt was busy preparing for the worse by hiding all his money, burring it all in the middle of the desert. It was actually surprising to hear him talk about the possibility of turning himself in. Walt has never been one to give up, but he seems almost ready to finally face the music. It’s an interesting point as I think he’s been in worse situations before and have gotten out of them intact, even if it was by the skin of his teeth.

Another interesting development is Lydia’s and Todd’s new formed alliance. Lydia gets Todd’s Uncle, to wipe out Declan’s crew because their post Walt meth is not up to Lydia’s Czech buyers standards. I have a feeling all this is somehow going to mean trouble for Walt in the near future.

“Buried” may not have been as exciting as last week’s installment, and we didn’t get any big revelations or “holy shit!” moments, instead we got an episode where various pieces were put in place and setting plans in motion for the big endgame, which was just as satisfyingly. 8.5/10.


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