Dexter S8/E8 “Are We There Yet” Review

Episode 808“Are We There Yet” was insanely off balanced episode, offering us the worst and possible some of the best moments of the season. Best let’s face it, not much has gotten off the ground in this final season. If we can be excited for one thing at least, the Brain Surgeon, yes, the real brain surgeon is still out there… who didn’t see that coming?

Dexter and Hannah were also hit and miss. Their scene on the boat, their chemistry was grwat. It’s fun to see Dexter react like a normal guy around a girl he has a crush on. He tries to remain cute and coy, throwing in awkwardly charming attempts at one-liners, and sometimes this works, but in other scenes, like in the car or at the beach, we get awkward, horribly written lines like, “I think a lot.” Speaking of awkward, let’s talk about the sex scene, was I the only one who felt uncomfortable watching that?

One good thing about having the Brain Surgeon reappear, it places the focus back on Dr. Vogel and her involvement with these murders, she probably involved, right?. While Vogel has been in the background these past couple of weeks, her connection to Dexter’s roots with Harry’s Code ensure that she has to play a large part in the series’ endgame.

With only four episodes to go, I’m not sure what direction the show wants to go in at all, and I feel increasingly worried with each passing episode that the series will not be able to pull off a satisfying conclusion. 6/10.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Miami Metro Update: Masuka’s daughter quit the topless sports bar and now works as an intern in the lab at the police station, Jamie and Quinn got into yet another fight about Deb, and Angel is still Angel.
  •  I’m disappointed that Deb is returning to Miami Metro.
  • Dexter and Hannah were listening to João Gilberto during their drive to the Keys. I love João Gilberto.

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