Breaking Bad S5/E11 “Confessions” Review


Holy $#*!!! It happened, Jesse finally snapped and all hell is about to break loose. Once again Breaking Bad has delivered and left me on the edge of my seat.

“Confessions” was pack with major talking points and a new low for Walter. Walt is lying so much, and so frequently, that you don’t even need an entire hand to count the moments where he’s completely honesty. He lies to Walter Jr. to keep him from going over to Hank and Marie’s house. He lies to Jesse in the desert to talk him into leaving town with a new identity. He lies to Skyler (badly) when he goes to fetch his gun out of the soft drinks machine.

But his lowest, most dirtiest moment in this episode come in a form of a confessions DVD, in which he accuses Hank of running the drugs empire and forcing him to cook the meth under duress. He even does the whole “if you’re watching this, it probably mean that I’m dead. Murdered by Hank.” It’s a stark contrast with the fake confession video Walt made in he opening moments of the pilot, with him listing his full name and address, but that man is gone now.

Now on to Jesse… Earlier in the episode Hank tires to get Jesse to flip on Walter but is saved by Saul. Saul then arranged Jesse’s meetup with Walter next. Walter did what he always does in these situations and played the father figure, like he did in “Blood Money” and all the countless times his manipulated Jesse. But Jesse wasn’t having any of it this time “Just drop the whole “concerned dad” thing and just tell me the truth.” He still manages to convince Jesse to get a new identity and leave. Back in Saul’s office, we get a little exchange between him and Jesse about him not getting high or “The Guy” wouldn’t make him “disappear” of course this was just a red herring.

Breaking.Bad.S05E11.mkv_snapshot_43.39_[2013.08.26_13.51.22]For a moment there I thought he was actually going. Seeing him walk out and on the road to Alaska would’ve been kind of bittersweet: it was too quiet of an ending for Jesse. He’s been too important to this series to suddenly leave. It just wasn’t right. Thank goodness that’s not what we got!! As his waiting, Jesse ignores Saul’s advice and goes to pull out his weed and smoke some but realises Huell lifted it from him and right there he figures it all out. Well, partially.

He figured out Huell lifted the ricin from him back in season 4 when Brock was poisoned. He knows now that Walt’s been manipulating him all along and that Walt didn’t really find the ricin in the Roomba. Jesse ran back to Saul’s and confirmed the truth. Jesse kicked the shit out of Saul! Yes! Then he drove to Walt’s house, kicked the door in, and started pouring the gasoline all over the living room. This was the explosion we’ve been waiting to see from Jesse for years.

This was a really strong episode for all the characters. The confessional tape works for me because it just makes the investigation and Hank’s withholding of his knowledge even more messier. Next week can’t come soon enough. 9.5/10.


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