Dexter S8/E9 “Make your Own Kind Of Music” Review


Ok so we now know who the Brain Surgeon is, the killer whose identity has been kept a closely guarded secret all season, is Cassie’s former boyfriend who we saw for all of, what, six minutes? Oh, but the criminal mastermind, Oliver Saxon, is also Dr. Vogel’s son. I don’t care about Oliver Saxon.

I don’t care that he killed Cassie, who I didn’t care about. I don’t care that he killed Zach, who I don’t care about, after attempting to frame him for the murder of Cassie who, again, I do not care about. I don’t much care that he’s Vogel’s son either. It doesn’t raise the stakes, it actually kind of lowers them.

Oh, and let’s talk about how we got there. Zach, somewhere in the course of getting a quarter of his head removed, managed to leave a DNA clue behind for Dexter and so Dexter discovered the killer was related to Vogel, using the Age Progress-o-Matic software and discovers Saxon is the Brain Surgeon.

In other news, Hannah McKay is still on the run, she even has a manhunt (womanhunt?) going on. But it all seems pointless just over halfway through the episode, because it’s called off after 24 hours. That’s my estimate anyway. Can this show just end already. 6/10.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Miami Metro update: Deb’s back on the force now. Masuka’s daughter is there. Quinn kissed Debra because questioning Oliver got them so turned on. Angie’s still missing.
  • Kenny Johnson. (I miss The Shield).
  •  Elway is starting to make a lot of sense.


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