Breaking Bad S5/E13 “To’hajiilee” Review

breaking_bad_s05e13_saul_walt_-_h_2013Why does Vince Gilligan keep toying with us like this? I can’t handle these tense cliff hangers. Once again I’m left staring at the screen, asking for just an extra thirty seconds of TV, just thirty seconds! Is that too much to ask for? I can’t wait a whole wee! 

First things first; Jesse spitting on Walt’s face has to be one of the most satisfying moments on this show for me, but as satisfying as it was to see Jesse finally getting an upper hand over Walt and Hank finally getting his man; it still didn’t feel right and left me wondering if this is what I really wanted. Seeing Walt admit defeat, put in hand cuffs and read his Miranda rights made me realise I didn’t want Walt to get caught.

I don’t know if it was because Bryan Cranston’s amazing face-acting at the moment when he realises how badly he messed up when he discovered Jesse wasn’t with the money and led him right to it but when Jesse shows with Hank, Cranston takes his acting to a whole new level; as you feel every emotion his going through. I couldn’t help but feel for him, it’s amazing how Bryan Cranston and writers can still make me feel sympathy for this character.


It seemed like we was going to get a triumphant final scene, but the episode couldn’t just end like that, no, no; it’s never that simple on Breaking Bad. Like Jesse said last week Heisenberg isn’t just smarter than you his also lucky and always finds a way to get out dead end situations; even after surrendering and calling off Jack’s men.

Well Jack’s crew decide to show up away. This where I start to panic. Seeing the Neo-Nazi gang show up and Walt screaming from the back seat of the car for them to stop and leave made me fear for the worst. Tension was at a all time high and I thought Hank was gone for sure, I really did. Somehow after like a million bullets no one got shot, everything is going crazy and then BAM… Cut to black. Episode over. NOO!!!

How are they going to write their way out of this? There was an important cut-shot of Gomez picking up the keys to Walt’s car, so there’s a little hint that they might get away but at this point there isn’t much sense making predictions. All I know is for the first Walter is no longer in control and something drastic is about to happen.

Great episode from to finish from start to end, Breaking Bad at its finest. Somehow they seamlessly connected all of the loose bits of the last five years. Once again let me remind you, we are watching something wonderful. Can’t believe there’s only three left. 9.5/10.


5 responses to “Breaking Bad S5/E13 “To’hajiilee” Review

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  3. The ending was pathetic, like all this series has become… they had a minute to aim…5 or 6 guys…trained to shoot… bullshit. After Gus and Mike its just mediocre :\\

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