Dexter S8/E10 “Goodbye, Miami” Review


I’ve had a hard reviewing this season, almost gave up on it a couple of times but I made a committed to this blog so I continue to watch out of habit. So forgive me if this review my seem unfocused because, frankly, i don’t care anymore.

The problem I’ve had this season is that there are so many triggers the show has refused to pull in favour of a safe and increasingly boring “serial-killer of the season” formula. What Breaking Bad is doing is what Dexter should have done a long time ago. There are now two episodes left and I could not care less.

So Vogel kicks the bucket this episode and I was kinda glad. When we first saw the season 8 promos; Dr. Vogel was made out to be some sort of nemesis for Dexter, someone who knows her way around a killers psychology and might bring down Dexter. Well that potentially good plot line was thrown out to make air time for Jamie/Quin/Debs. She was introduced as an expert who would help Miami Metro bring down the brain surgeon and I’m assuming other serial killer related murders, as Miami has so many. But after episode 1, we never see her in Miami Metro again, there isn’t one interaction with her and anyone from the Miami police force that helps with the brain surgeon case or anything else in general.

627I know it’s one of the least of the plot holes this season but I mean she was supposedly brought in and introduced for this one purpose and it’s never spoken of again and the lack of the character development, makes Dexter caring for her even more unrealistic and her death even more impassive for the viewers. A good actress just completely wasted, given the proper material I feel like Charlotte Rampling could of done a great job with her character. Shame.

Hannah, who I liked last season, has been a big disappointment in Season 8 also. I don’t think this is Yvonne fault, whose performance has been fine, considering the bad writing this season. In season 7, Hannah was established as the ultimate pragmatist: someone with no desire to kill but willing to murder even innocents to promote her own interests. She also had a deep emotional vulnerability owing to the isolation her past had imposed on her. All of these characteristics have been abandoned in favour of a cartoonish “serial killer sidekick” who basically worships Dexter.

Vogel made a huge mistake in wanting to try and help Daniel. Her death was unspectacular, although it was fun to watch her, for the entire episode, act like a nervous wreck. Given how calm and cold she was at the beginning of the season. The return of Dexter’s old kill-room, complete with photos of victims, was a nice touch though. Hopefully it’ll get used soon. 5/10

Stray Thoughts:

  • The editing in the scene where Harrison gets hurts made me laugh, sorry but it was so terrible.
  • Deb while talking to Clayton: “I don’t keep up with Dexter’s dating life.” …17 seconds later, “If Dexter was dating Hannah McKay again, I’d fuckin’ know about it.” Seriously writers?
  • Miami Metro update: Masuka’s daughter is a pothead! Quinn and Deb are a thing again! YES! Sarcasm!

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