Breaking Bad S5/E14 “Ozymandias” Review

S05E14Wow. Just wow. I honestly don’t know what else to say after this episode. This has to be one of the most gut-wrenching and heart breaking pieces of Television I have even seen.

After last week’s ending, we get the closure we deserved. Many of us questioned how they managed not to get shot. Well we got our answer and It was cruel, but this is how the story had to go. Hank had to die. Gomez had to die. They were outnumbered and there was no trap door or secret way out.  Walt did all he could do to save Hank but he was the only that didn’t understand there was no going back.

I’m running out of ways to praise Bryan Cranston’s acting but once again he had me feeling every emotion, I felt what he felt when Hank got shot. I just sat there with my jaw on the ground but the jaw-dropping moments wouldn’t stop there.

After Uncle Jack strips Walt of everything he was trying to protect; his money and his family, there’s still one loose end “Pinkman”. In one of most bitter scenes Walt orders Uncle Jack to finish what was started not before one last twist of the knife. Walt unleashes the truth about Jane’s death. “I watched Jane die. I was there. And I watched her die. I watched her overdose and choke to death. I could’ve saved her. But I didn’t.” It was just savage. Now Jesse is a dog on a leash, kept in a pit, dragged out only to be forced to cook meth. Cruel, cruel vengeance.

Breaking Bad S05E14.mkv_snapshot_37.29_[2013.09.16_12.17.34]But the heartbreak wouldn’t end there, the feeling of despair I got when Marie strutted into the car wash to confront Skyler, about Walt’s arrest, Hank’s victory, without knowing what just happened; was overwhelming. Marie forces Skyler to tell Walter Jr. about everything, which sets up the oh so painful family confrontation.

I’ll admitted it, I held back tears for the majority of this episode but after Skyler finally stands up to Walt, I lost it. Seeing Walt and Skyler fighting over a knife; Junior defending his mother and calling the police; Holly screaming in the background; Walt insisting “We’re a family!” It was all too much! That was the moment where all was lost, everything he did was for his family. Now he has lost them and it was all for nothing.  And with one final, selfish act, meant to hurt Skyler (just like he did to Jesse), Walt takes baby Holly. Anna Gunn performance was outstanding when running down the street covered in blood, screaming as Walt drives off with Holly. My heart is still a puddle on my floor.

Walt quickly realises he cannot make her into a pawn or a goal (thank god). He knows the moment she calls out for her “mama” he knows that she is pure potential. He has not ruined her yet. She deserves a chance. Before he leaves her in safe hands, Walt makes one last call to Skyler (while the police listen) he says the most vicious, unforgivable things he’s ever said to her, but it’s all an act, his simply taking all the heat, cutting the final ties to family once and for all and setting Skyler free.

This was a masterful episode, all the actors put on amazing performances. Story telling at its finest. 10/10.


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