Dexter S8/E11 “Monkey in a Box” Review

NfGUmFg“Monkey in a Box,” wasn’t a terrible episode by any means, but it also wasn’t close to anything I wanted from the penultimate series episode of Dexter. Too much time was wasted on characters who’ve only just been introduced to us this season. It would have been nice if they did something great with the characters we’ve already been watching for 8 years. I’ll admit. I actually liked the corner Dexter turned in the end, finally getting rid of his “Dark Passenger.”

I do still feel like Dexter’s escape to Argentina still seems to be tacked on to everything else, and I’m not much interested in it, but the scenes between Dexter and Saxon, regardless of the problems and lack of vision, actually ended up coming off pretty well. The rest of the episode, was mostly filled with Dexter’s goodbyes and tying up loose ends, mostly forgettable, even though there was supposed to be a sense of finality to it all.

A lot of what’s wrong in this episode is more of the same stuff I’ve been talking about every week. So many dumb things happened, I can’t even bring myself to type them out anymore. Marshall Clayton really brought that story Deb was selling to him? The Marshall didn’t know Saxon’s a serial killer? Come on! And shooting Deb at the end was so badly executed I actually laughed. You’re not suppose to laugh at one of the main characters getting shot but somehow Dexter made it funny. Not expecting much from the finale which is sad. 6/10.

Stray Thoughts:

  • What’s going to happen with Masuka and his daughter? Will he learn to be a good father? Will she get her life on track? I’m not being sarcastic guys!
  • So Dexter and Deb walk out of Vogel’s funeral, in a crowd of people, and talk in loud voices about how Saxon is a killer, he’s Vogel’s son, and he killed Vogel. Conveniently, no one hears them.
  • Miami Metro: Angie Miller has gone back into hiding. Batista is still dumb. Quinn is still in love with Deb, and even kept her engagement ring! Masuka and his daughter continue to exist.
  • Miami Metro seemed far more emotionally affected by Vogel’s death than by the death of LaGuerta. Huh?

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