Dexter S8/E12 “Remember the Monster” Review

Hannah-McKayUgh. Really? That’s how you want to end it?

Honestly; the bulk of this episode wasn’t that bad. Relative to the rest of this awful season, of course. I was surprised at how few eye-rolling moments there were for me. I’d go as far as to say this episode was better than the past 4-5 episodes.

As far as a series finale… well, it’s fitting of the product we got for half the show’s run. It was stupid, ultimately pointless, and full of nonsense, but I didn’t find it offensive (well, until the epilogue).

In some ways I was disappointed that it wasn’t a complete off-the-walls flaming train wreck. It was just a slightly pathetic fizzle-out. Really, my only “lol wtf” moments were when he unplugged Deb and wheeled her out of the hospital without anyone noticing.

Then that awful epilogue and him somehow surviving driving his boat out in to the hurricane and becoming a lumberjack??. This was crap, but it was semi-watchable. It wasn’t rage-inducing, or even laugh-inducing. I stopped caring awhile ago, my exceptions were low but it still disappointed. There wasn’t much the writers could do to save this season. I pretty much felt nothing but a small bit of pity for it for a show that was so good at the start of its run. Shame. 6/10.


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