Homeland S3/E2 “Uh… Oh… Ah…” Review


“Homeland’s” second Season 3 episode, “Uh … Oh .. Ah,” was one of the hardest episodes of the show to watch in a long while. It resulted in Carrie being drugged against her will and locked up in a psychiatric ward, and showed her being at odds with Saul as she ever has been.

So, Saul has thrown his surrogate daughter completely under the bus. That is not to say that Saul is malevolent or even in the wrong. in last weeks episode Saul never gave Carrie a reason to crack, he clearly showed disgust at Dal for the assumed sharing of incriminating information to the U.S. Senate and Washington Post, but once that egg cracked; what is there left to do but to stop it from getting on your face?

Carrie clearly isn’t okay, no matter what she says. Everyone can see it. Quinn is the one guy really in her corner right now after she runs to the newspaper to try and spill the CIA’s secrets and ends up restrained in a hospital instead. The CIA is powerful, and Carrie does need to be reigned in, but as Quinn points out to Saul, this isn’t the right way to do it.

Back at the Brody house, both Jess and Dana struggle with coming to terms with Dana’s return from the mental hospital. This storyline doesn’t really interest me, I never liked Dana’s character but the show continues to focus on her. The truth is that I only tolerated her because it directly affected Brody, one of the series’ two leads. At this moment in Season 3, there is no reason why they should directly influence Brody’s storyline, much less Carrie’s.

While some parts of the show do seem a little stale, I’m still interested in what’s happening at the CIA. I like the addition of Fara to the team. Racial insecurities aside, her introduction into the world of CIA was well-handled.  But it all comes back to Carrie and Saul in the end. In her drugged-up state, she’s still able to summon a “fuck you, Saul.” And he deserves it. 7.5/10.

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