Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1/E3 “The Asset” Review

IAN HARTBefore I talk about “The Asset” I want to talk about last weeks episode (since I failed to review it) I’ll keep it brief. I thought it was a solid, team building episode that was important for character development overall, I would probably give a 6.5/10 score. And oh yeah, there was a little cameo from NICK FURY!!! Samuel “motherfucking” Jackson! Ok now that I got that out the way, lets get into this weeks episode.

In this episode, it was Skye who was put front and center. Skye’s role in Coulson’s SHIELD group was still uncertain last week as she showed she was still an active member of Rising Tide, but in “The Asset” she came out and said how badly she wants to join SHIELD.

Much like the pilot, this episode of SHIELD had some good veer left when it looks like you’re veering right moments, including Skye basically revealing the truth about her double agent status to Quinn – but only using it to get him to drop his guard and Hall turning out to have planned his capture in the first place. If you know your Marvel history, you might have known who Dr. Franklin Hall was right away, and also that he eventually becomes Graviton.

“The Asset” was his origin story, as he tries to destroy a machine Quinn created that controls the element gravitonium by sacrificing himself, but ends up being kicked into the machine by Coulson so that it gets deactivated. As the final moment of “The Asset” reveals, Hall was beginning his transformation into Graviton after his molecules intermingled with the active gravitonium.

This show still needs to figure out the proper amount of jokiness. I like the sense of humor and the lighthearted approach, but there are scenes where it just seems out of place. Moments like the trucker who turned out to be a SHIELD agent and Coulson and Hall’s confrontation in a gravity-deprived room continue to make this show very fun to watch. 7/10


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