Supernatural S9/E1 “I Think I’m Going To Like It Here” Review


The Winchesters Brothers are back! For an exciting season 9 opener. This episode got the ball rolling immediately. The season premiere keeps you more than awake and flows really well out of last season’s finale. We pick up right where we left off, with angels raining from the sky, Castiel human, and Sam and Dean driving away from the wreckage.

Except that the Sam and Dean in the car are only in Sam’s head because he’s in the hospital, dying, and Dean is right back in whatever it takes to save Sam mode. Dean is devastated by the fact that the doctor tells him Sam won’t make it, so he promises any angel willing to help that he will owe them a favor. Many angry angels want to find Dean and kill him, but Ezekiel gets to him first. At the same time, Sam is fighting for his life, and Castiel has a hard time surviving without his powers.

On a whole this was a very enjoyable season opener, setting up things nicely for the season ahead. If this season is as good as its last one, I think we may well have quite a few years of Supernatural left. While some aspects of it did seem a little old here, they still pull off a great episode. 8/10


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