Homeland S3/E3 “Tower of David” Review

Well, this is it. Brody’s back. When we first see him he’s big, bald, and full of bullets, breathing heavily and being rescued by Venezuelan mercenaries.  From that opener “Tower of David” gets darker, and darker, and darker.  But at least Brody’s back, right? In a warm climate at least? Where has he been? Nobody knows, but that’s not the point. The point is that he’s back. “Tower of David” is a quick decompression from the intensity surrounding Carrie. Carrie still appears, but this is very much A Brody Episode.

Brody is a dead man walking, and much of “Tower of David” goes towards showing this fact in grim detail. He arrives at the tower, a giant skyscraper now gone to ruin and inhabited by squatters after being abandoned during the Venezuelan banking crisis in 1994. He is unable to move, medicated with heroin, which was a necessity in the beginning, but later on is used to sedate and control him by an unbelievably seedy doctor.

Halfway through the episode the focus shifted to Carrie, which seemed like a relief until it became clear that her situation was only tiny bit better than Brody’s. Carrie is back on the juice, able to go three full minutes without erupting conspiracy-theory nonsense.

This episode was oddly paced and didn’t just didn’t sit well for me, I feel Homeland may have taken a misstep with this episode. I will say I did enjoy for the first 25 minutes or so, especially the mystery surrounding Brody’s bullethole, and watching him recover from his injuries, and explore the Tower. There was a real sense of a fresh start for Brody. But “Tower of David” never moulded itself into anything rewarding. I still believe the Brody storyline should have wrapped by now but we know that isn’t going to happen any time soon. But hey there was actually a massive positive from this episode… No Dana!!! 6/10.


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