Supernatural S9/E2 “Devil May Care” Review

tumblr_muts001YtH1sqh22so1_500First, great to see Kevin Tran back! He’s been one of the better supporting characters of the past few seasons. Also nice to see the Winchesters back at their own little Sanctum. After mostly 8 seasons of wandering its nice for the Winchesters to have a place to call home as well as a safe haven.

As evil as Crowley is, you just do not want to see the character go away. His scenes with the Winchesters never fail to be highlights of any episode. When the boys make the mistake of leaving Kevin alone in the bunker with Crowley, he proceeds to once again use his noxious influence to try and worm his way into Kevin’s head by convincing him that his mother is actually still alive.

This was a solid episode that accomplished a few things: First, it set the tone for the season, by giving the Winchesters a goal. By gaining the names of the demons, Sam and Dean will begin their quest to eliminate as many as possible, but what will Crowley want in return? The episode established Abaddon as the main big bad (for now) and it will be interesting to see how many demons follow her or remain loyal to Crowley. Castiel was not in the mix this week but we are told that he is making his way cross country to the bunker so its likely he will feature next week (I don’t watch promos). 7/10.


3 responses to “Supernatural S9/E2 “Devil May Care” Review

  1. Your review was short and sweet and to the point! Really nice. I’m also happy to see Kevin. AND DEAR GOD, no. Don’t kill Crowley. Well done!

      • What! No. It’s a curse. I turned to my friend and was like, this is nice and short. No one wants to read a super long review haha But yours was perfect.

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