The Walking Dead S4/E4 “Indifference” Review

105_originalThere’s simply no denying “Indifference” is an episode which brings up a lot of questions. Is Rick the kind of leader this group needs right now? Did Carol make the right decision? Did Rick make the right decision?

The core of this episode is absolutely with Rick and Carol. The tension between the two over Carol’s actions is really complex compared to what we’ve seen in the show.

While the bigger group has a handful exciting moments that dug into what’s occupying their mind, but there were some scenes which came off a bit dull, redundant, or just dragged out. Although, it did produce a “come at me, bro” moment from Daryl!

“Indifference” generates tons of potential for what’s to come. What it lacks in action it makes up for in fleshing out the survivors. You can’t help but wonder how a couple of key characters will react to this huge decision.  7/10.


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